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Door Locks and Alarm System | IL

Door Locks and Alarm System

Durable dead bolt locks should be fitted on all exterior doors. The most recent brands of deadbolt door locks on the market have productively passed lock picking tests. Lots of burglars will stay clear of this kind of lock as they do not know how to pick them. The locksmith cincinnati ohio can supply different models including those which are unlocked with a conventional key, the keyless systems that can be opened by a reprogrammable code or those that unlock with a fingerprint scan.

Doors that are situated next to windows should have dead bolt locks with captive key locks. These locks have thumb latches that can be removed. If a window is broken someone cannot reach around and unlock the door. It is also imperative that all accessible windows be equipped with locks. Window locks should be installed with a method that will not allow opening when breaking the glass. Window locksmiths can provide an additional security device to the locks that will avert anyone from crawling in through the window from the outside

Alarm systems act as an effective deterrent to thieves. Burglars will always look for houses that are easily accessed rather than those with sophisticated security systems. Locksmiths today are able to install state of the art security systems incorporating locking devices combined with alarm systems that will prevent forced entry and burglary in the home.


Helpful tips for protecting residences from thieves include always locking doors and windows and keeping the residence and yard well lit. Keys should never be left in hidden places as knowledgeable burglars can easily locate the most unremarkable hideouts. Locks should be replaced when moving into a new home. If you are away from residence, a key should be left with a trusted neighbor so that they can check in from time to time.